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Flexxpump 1500 direct lubrication pump

Flexxpump 1500 direct lubrication pump

According to industry and application:
  Flexxpump series direct lubrication pump features
  ● Integrated module design, independent pump unit, centralized control of the system and independent control of the pump unit;
  ● 1-5 pump units can be installed according to requirements, 2-10 separate lubrication points are available; no distribution is required without distributors;
  ● Magnetic induction control switch, easy and reliable operation;
  ● Special grease bag design, easy to replace, oil, keep the oil drum clean, and not pollute other parts;
  ● The base is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, which makes the system firm and reliable. The overall shape is small, exquisite, light and beautiful.
  Main models: (Flexxpump400, Flexxpump1500, Flexxpump10K)
  technical parameter
Dimensions 165×160×271
Grease bag volume 1500ml 
Number of outlets 2-10optional
Operating Voltage 24VAC
Single cycle displacement 0.15ml
Applicable medium 40mm2/S(40℃)Mineral oil, or NLGI2# below ester
Maximum working pressure 70(bar)
Protection level IP69


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