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Cooling and lubricating equipment

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  The thin oil centralized lubrication system has been widely used in modern mechanical equipment. Because it can provide sufficient pressure of lubricating oil, it can guarantee a large number of widely distributed lubrication points to be lubricated in time and take away frictional heat. Mechanical impurities such as metal abrasive grains on the friction surface, the impurities are taken away and rinsed with the flow and circulation of the oil to achieve good lubrication, reduce friction, reduce wear and reduce consumable parts consumption, reduce power consumption, and prolong service life. purpose. The thin oil lubrication system is mainly composed of a gear pump, a filter, a heat exchanger and a water pump. Thin oil lubrication system is widely used in wind power, petroleum, chemical, shipbuilding, electric power, grain and oil, food, medical, building materials, metallurgy and national defense research.
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