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CLP-2AS type electric compass.

According to industry and application:
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  CLP-2AS electric compass is a digital compass. The main compass, power box and distribution unit can be installed in the console and connected by cable. This compass has equipped with a three-way damping and rapid stabilization device, having the advantages of fast start-up, stable output heading, high accuracy of output heading and etc.
Main technical & performance specifications: 
    The stable point error within ±0.5° × secφ;
    The repeatability accuracy of stable point error ≤0.25 °× secφ; 
    The stable time ≤4h; 
    The rolling error within ±1°× secφ; 
    Applicable ship power: AC220V 50Hz self-consuming 200W
Output interface: 
    8 repeater compass interfaces, including 24V power supply interfces and IEC61162-1 communication interfaces
    4 IEC 61162-1 standard interfaces for output; 
    Heading send frequency: can be set to 1 time/s, 10 times/s or 50 times/s to support high-speed ship.
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