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CLP-3 fiber-optic gyrocompass

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  CLP-3 fiber-optic gyrocompass is an indispensable equipment to ensure ship heading safety because it can provide heading information for ship navigation and maneuvering control. Compared with traditional gyrocompass products, this fiber-optic gyrocompass has many advantages such as rapid start-up, small size, light weight. There are no special requirements for installation environment. The installation is simple while the operation and maintenance is easy, which makes it suitable for all kinds of ships. It has good adaptability.
Functional features
    Continuous and real-time information on ship heading, rolling and pitching; 
    Continuous and real-time information on ship position and speed;
    Display of manual binding speed, position and other parameters and real-time information; 
    Independent working mode of manual binding and satellite navigation position information combination working mode; 
    Self-test, status monitoring, fault alarm and protection functions.
Performance specifications
    Startup performance
    Docking start-up time ≤30min;
    Offshore start-up time ≤1h;
  Starting condition: providing continuous position information during whole starting process, the maneuvering limit time≤ 10min.
Precision performance
  Heading angle error (RMS): ≤0.25°secφ; (autonomous operation)
                          ≤0.15°secφ; (satellite navigation work together). 
    Pitching angle error (RMS): ≤0. 05°; 
    Rolling angle error (RMS): ≤0. 05°;
Applicable sea area
    Latitude: 70°NS; longitude: 180°EW. 
Device interface
    NMEA0183 standard RS422 serial data output. 
Technical features
    1. Digital solid system with non-rotating parts, high reliability, MTBF≥3000h. 
    2.Very high dynamic precision, suitable for all kinds of ships.
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