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SX-3 type heading digital

According to industry and application:
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  The SX-3 heading digital sub-compass is a new and improved upgrade product. It is an intelligent product using microcomputer technology. It has digital filtering, strong anti-interference ability, high reliability, high stability, intuitiveness and noise-free. The ship commander observed.
Main technical performance:
  ● Tracking rotation speed of 10 ° / sec, tracking error ± 0.1 °.
  ● Four digits display an accuracy of 0.1 degrees, and the display is large and clear.
  ● Power loss memory function: Re-work after power failure to display the original data.
  ●The digital setting is simple and easy to operate, with six levels of brightness adjustment.
  Dimensions: 260 × 180 × 140
  Weight: 3kg
  Installation size: 200×120×Φ5
  Installation method: desktop, wall, top-mounted
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