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According to industry and application:
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  ● Use gear pump as the core unit of proportioning measurement to ensure continuous operation of the system;
  ● European quality precision gear metering pump ensures accurate and accurate;
  ● Greatly eliminates the pressure fluctuation of the plunger pump and completely eliminates the occurrence of soft spots;
  ● Servo control technology makes it easy to adjust the ratio of two components and the amount of glue discharged;
  ● The off-gun disposable static mixing mode greatly reduces the cleaning work;
  ● Modular design concept can increase fluid pressure control module according to working conditions;
  ● The application of sensor technology reduces the system barrier rate;
  ● The visual human-machine interface is easy to operate;
  ●The pressure tracking system is adopted, and the control precision is higher;
  Scope of application
  Organic silicone water, synthetic rubber, polyurethane, resin, curing agent, epoxy resin, etc., the treatment medium viscosity can reach 1,000,000 centipoise;
  Technical parameter
  A component single transfer displacement: 10ml
  B component single rotation displacement: 5ml
  Matching accuracy: ±2%
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