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RYT-PUR5 pressure plate type PUR hot melt machine

According to industry and application:
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  ● Progressive heating and melting: The heating plate is located above the gel. When the heating plate is heated, only the upper layer of glue is in contact with the heating plate to melt the melting point. The lower part of the barrel is not heated at this time. How much is needed for production? How much to melt, to prevent the glue from heating for a long time and aging and deterioration;
  ●The sol is separated from the air by the sol: there is an O-ring seal between the heating plate and the inner wall of the barrel, so that the melted liquid glue will not come into contact with the air, ensuring the PUR conditions;
  ●Teflon protective layer: Teflon coating on the outside of the heating plate, the glue on it is easy to remove, which can effectively prevent the carbonization of the glue, ensure the best glue quality, and reduce the blockage of the glue system;
  ●Infinitely variable speed adjustment rubber output: precision gear pump operation, control motor uses stepless frequency converter frequency control, can accurately control the glue output;
  ● Intelligent protection of main motor operation: When the temperature of the heating plate does not reach the lower limit temperature, the main motor can not operate, and the protection of the equipment is strengthened;
  ●The glue barrel emptying prompt: The sensor is installed under the main cylinder, and the alarm signal is output when the glue runs out;
  Scope of application
  The PUR hot melt machine is a molten form that is driven by a gear pump. This machine is a device with a wide range of PUR hot melt adhesives;
  Technical parameter:

way to control

PLC+ touch screen

physical dimension


Glue drive


Sol speed


Rubber barrel specifications

20KG standard barrel (5 gallons)

Plastic barrel inner diameter


Platen stroke


Glue speed

0.2-15 g / sec

working pressure


Glue pressure


Maximum temperature


Metering pumps

Gear pump

Can be equipped with a gun

2 tubes and 2 guns

power supply

AC220V   50/60Hz   5Kw




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