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Windshield automatic coating system

According to industry and application:
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  ●The glue supply system adopts the heating type double-column lifting type pressure plate rubber pump produced by our factory for the system: the pressure ratio of the machine is high and the flow rate is large, which is suitable for various high-viscosity sealants.
  ●The metering system is metered for the gear pump system. The external gear pump is used, and the single-rotation displacement is 50CC, which is stable and accurate. The gear pump inlet is equipped with a relevant valve breaking device, which can be used for instantaneous breaking treatment;
  ●The hose is a heating and temperature-adjusting hose. The joint type used at both ends is convenient for disassembly and assembly, reliable sealing, high pressure resistance and light weight.
  ●Imported automatic glue gun adopts 360 degree slewing mechanism design (when the glue gun rotates, the hose does not change with the position of the glue gun), which can fully solve the rubber tube distortion and the robot caused by the change of the glue gun posture during the rubber coating process. Damage caused by friction;
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