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GN-3A pneumatic airless spraying machine

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  The GN-3A type gluing machine was designed and manufactured on the basis of the GN-3 type. It mainly uses the gas distribution reversing technology patented by our factory in the air motor part. The outstanding advantages of this machine are:
  ·The gas distribution reversing device is novel and unique, there will be no reversing "dead point" failure, and it will not stop due to the "adiabatic expansion" of the exhaust part, causing the frost to freeze the ice, and the gas distribution reversing action is sensitive and reliable.
  ·The gas distribution and reversing device is fully pneumatic. It is completely different from other complicated mechanical reversing devices. It does not cause any mechanical failure, and has a long service life. The gas distribution and reversing device does not need to be frequently maintained and does not need to be replaced frequently. Sports wear parts, which greatly reduces the maintenance workload.
  ·The exhaust part is equipped with a silencer which is simple in structure, is not easy to be blocked by dirt, and does not need to be cleaned frequently, which greatly reduces the exhaust noise and improves the working environment.
  ·The sealing parts of the high-pressure system are all hydraulic self-tight structure. They rely on their own hydraulic pressure for sealing and compression compensation. It is not necessary to change and adjust the sealing force of the sealing ring and sealing ring frequently.
  · Each force part or moving friction part is made of high quality alloy or special material, and it is treated reasonably to ensure safe and reliable use and long service life.
  Technical parameter

Pressure ratio


Paint displacement(L/min)


Intake air pressure(MPa)


Gun inlet pressure(MPa)


Common nozzle diameter(mm)


Air consumption(L/min)


Total Weight(Kg)



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