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Companies active in the security and confidentiality special inspection

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Confidential Company Confidential Committee Organization Office in accordance with the National Defense Science and Industry Bureau, and the Office of Science and Industry Corporation confidentiality 
Confidential Company Confidential Committee Organization Office in accordance with the National Defense Science and Industry Bureau, and the Office of Science and Industry Corporation confidentiality arrangements and requirements to do the work, carried out in a company-wide security and confidentiality of the special inspection.
First, leaders attach great importance to careful organization, and assign responsibilities. Timely convening secret committee meeting to make arrangements special inspection work. Require departments, offices of the main leaders attach great importance to their duties and fulfill the security and confidentiality within the competence of leadership responsibilities, and instructed the Office in accordance with the confidentiality requirements of the higher authorities, a special inspection to determine the content, focusing on the "26 states" "Seven categories of personnel security management measures," "Eight centralized management" implement conducted a rigorous inspection, while increasing the penalties for violations and require the inspection results and the rectification of the Committee on the company's confidential briefing .
Second, serious organization, strict inspection. Company in May 2013, by a secret committee director, deputy director of the Office of personally led the confidentiality, security, monitoring and other related departments, the focus for the security and confidentiality of the contents of each basic inspection company confidential team conducted a rigorous examination.
Third, the site rectification and strengthen implementation. Inspection found weaknesses and loss of hidden leaks, supervise and follow up on site rectification. (Ho Yu-Mei)