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The demand for industrial robots in China has exploded. Intelligent technology has not broken.

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In 2013, China's industrial robot market grew rapidly. According to reports: "China will become the largest market for industrial robots in the world in 2014." Industrial robots are a high-level produ
In 2013, China's industrial robot market grew rapidly. According to reports: "China will become the largest market for industrial robots in the world in 2014." Industrial robots are a high-level product of automation technology, combining computer, cybernetics, institutional science, information and sensing technology, artificial intelligence, bionics and many other disciplines. It is composed of manipulator, controller, servo drive system and detection and sensing device. It is an indispensable automation equipment in the field of advanced manufacturing technology. Its application is an important indicator of a national industrial automation level.
“Making industry full of wisdom” is essentially intelligent automation. Today, with the continuous improvement and development of automation, the level of automation has become an important criterion for measuring the level of modernization of enterprises. An important branch of automation is an important means for production enterprises to improve production efficiency and stabilize product quality. For example, Guangdong Tuostar, which is the first brand of manufacturing automation in China and an integrator of industrial robot systems, in the injection molding industry, many injection molding companies use Topstar central feeding systems, industrial robots, robots to achieve production automation. Among them, the difficulty and influence of the information synthesis and processing of the Tusta robot in the complex environment and the planning and coordination of complex tasks become prominent. The theory, methods and techniques of information feedback, optimization control and coordination are used to solve and control. The advantages of disciplines in system optimization and integrated integration will increasingly play a leading role in smart robots. Therefore, intelligent control, as a new control theory developed on the basis of modern control theory, has been widely used in various automation fields. Intelligent robots, smart cameras, intelligent production lines, etc. are typical examples.
From the perspective of the domestic market, labor costs have continued to rise and a trend has been formed. It is difficult for manufacturing enterprises to recruit workers. In the face of difficulties, many enterprises have turned to automated production lines, among which robotic automated production lines are more popular; from the international market After the international financial crisis, the United States proposed a "re-industrialization" strategy, calling for a return to manufacturing. Japan also formulated strategic plans, revitalized manufacturing, and strengthened research in high-end manufacturing. In order to cope with international challenges, China has introduced a series of plans and policies that are conducive to the development of the robot industry, such as industrial transformation and upgrading, development of high-end manufacturing equipment, and intelligent manufacturing equipment.
Although China's industrial robot industry is constantly improving, compared with international counterparts, the gap is still obvious. In terms of market share, it is still the territory of foreign brands in the domestic market. At present, China's robot industry has a gap with international leading level in terms of intelligent software matching and information physics integration. Many core technologies of industrial robots include: combining computer, mechanism, information and sensing technology, cybernetics, artificial intelligence, bionics, etc., consisting of manipulators, controllers, servo drive systems and detection and sensing devices. . At present, we have not yet mastered it, which is an important bottleneck affecting the development of China's robot industry.
Industrial robot technology is the representative of advanced manufacturing technology. To keep up with the future industrial development, the first task is to improve the intelligent technology of industrial robots. Intelligent technology can improve the working ability and performance of the robot. The development of intelligent technology will promote the advancement of robot technology. The level of intelligence in the future will mark the level of robots. Although there are still many problems to be solved, with the advancement of science and technology, it will gradually improve and develop. The future direction of intelligence will not change, and robot products will be extended to more industries to form a complete system. Under the current environment of rising labor costs in China, industrial robots will develop rapidly and gradually become the main development form of factory automation production lines.